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3 Secrets To Making Money Online…

When you’ve been trying (and mostly failing) to make some serious money online, money that can potentially free you from your hellish job and give you the life you crave there’s usually a point where you think that all the successful guys are hiding a load of secrets from you.

Obviously they offer you these secrets in the form high-ticket products that cost anywhere from a hundred dollars to several thousand but even if you buy them, you’re still often left with a mystery on your hands.

There are actually very few REAL secrets to making money online as typical business practices that work well in the offline world will work here but with that said I do feel as though there’s a few things you should know…

And the first one is kind of ironic…

There’s Not Really Any Secrets!

Yes, as much as you’d like to think there’s some well hidden gem of a system that makes you rich at the click of a button that simply doesn’t exist and even if it did, you think anyone would share it with you for a few dollars?! Of course they wouldn’t.

The truth is that whilst you’re looking for these allusive “secrets”, you’re missing a ton of tricks that could be driving you closer and closer to full time income so for now, just accept the fact that there’s no real mystery – just things you don’t know yet!

Do What They Do, Not What They Say

You could consider this a “secret” I suppose as it’s something that many marketers take several years to fully realize.

Whilst it’s a nice idea that “the gurus” have your back and are looking out for your best interests the reality is they couldn’t care less about you – they’ll just mail you offers until you buy, unsubscribe or die.

This isn’t to say you can’t learn a thing or two from them of course. If you model your business on what they’re doing, how they’re driving traffic and how they’re selling you can find BIG success pretty quickly.

It’s Not THAT Difficult

Whenever I hear that 95% of internet marketers fail to ever make a dollar online I can’t help but wonder how this happens as honestly, internet marketing isn’t that difficult.

Whilst it does take some time to get things right, the actual premise is very easy to understand and I don’t believe there’s a single person reading this that doesn’t have the intellectual power to make this happen.

I could understand a 95% failure rate in rocket science but IM? It’s easy to learn the core principles and you should always bear in mind that it’s much, much harder to hold down a real job than it is to make money online.

Early mornings? Long days? Graveyard shifts? No thanks!

This is easy for me to say now as I’ve had the pleasure of following the Profit with David internet marketing strategy – it’s a bulletproof blueprint to running a successful internet business and if you’re even half serious, you need to check this out now…

The Myths Surrounding Product Creation

When you look at what the top internet marketers are doing, it probably won’t take you long to notice that they all have their own products and they’re launching these things every few months and making bucket loads of cash every time they do.

As an outsider looking in, it looks as though you need to be some special entity to create a product, attract affiliates and sell it to the masses but really, that’s all in your head – it’s your own limiting beliefs that’s stopping you from taking the bull by the horns and really making a go of things online.

Once you have the “can’t” attitude taken out of your head it actually becomes a lot easier to find success and hopefully these three myths will go a long way to freeing you of that unprofitable mindset.

It Costs Serious Money To Create Your Own Product

Sure, you’ll have to invest some money to get your own products out there into the world but that’s true of any business – anyone rocking up to the internet expecting to turn just $50 into $500,000 has their head in the sky.

It takes money to make money but probably not as much money as you think.

Once you have hundreds of affiliates attached to your launch and you know your launch will do 6 figures you can blow the budget on $10,000 copywriters, programmers and all kinds of other stuff you don’t really need but before then, you can do a lot of the work yourself and still have a sparkling product at the end.

You Need To Be a Skilled Writer

Sure, you’ll need to have some skill as a writer but that skill only really needs to be basic English ability as you can learn how to do the rest yourself.

Take copywriting as an example, the greats have studied and written for thousands of hours to create high-converting pieces and whilst you may never reach legendary status in copywriting, you can teach yourself how to create appealing offers even if you’re a complete hack with writing.

Worst case scenario, you can outsource all the writing and focus your time on playing to your real strengths – decent writers can be picked up for cents on the dollar these days.

Nobody Will Promote You

When you see the big-ass launches, you see hundreds of names attached to promote the product and you probably sit there and think that you wouldn’t be able to persuade any of these guys to promote your offers but here’s the thing…

Affiliates need quality products to promote. They don’t have them coming out of their ears and a lot of the time you’ll be doing them a favor.

Okay, so you might not get the top players with 100,000 names on their lists to promote you right away but there’s always smaller affiliates who are craving what you have!

Inside Profit with David, you’ll see how you can easily start your own product creation business TODAY and no…

You don’t need to be a special entity. Just bring yourself and a bit of motivation and you’re all set…

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Creating a Killer Sales Letter

So you’ve decided to take a leap of faith and create your own product – fantastic, you’re finally on the real road to success and assuming your product is in the right niche and it’s of reasonable quality, there will be people interested in buying.

That’s the good news. The bad news is these people won’t be interested in buying for very long if you don’t have an eye-catching sales letter that demands they take notice of your offer.

And creating one of these things can be a pretty daunting prospect if you’re not a copywriter but as long as you stick to the golden rules of copywriting, you’ll be able to convert enough wandering eyes into cold hard cash.

Let’s take a look at those rules…

Your Headline Rules

The headline acts as a “pitch to read the rest of the pitch. Basically, if your headline sucks and your visitors can’t work out what on earth they’re looking at then they’ll so fast you won’t even have time to tell them how life changing your product is.

A good headline will simply make the reader want to read on and one of the easiest ways to do this is to keep it painfully simple.

Make $100/day in 30 days time…

Make $200/day with NO technical knowledge…

Lose Weight Without Exercise? No way!

It’s always a good idea to look at what similar products in your niche are doing and (cough, cough) take “inspiration” from them.

Sell The Dream

When you’re buying a product you never really care about the ins and outs of it. I personally couldn’t care less what engine a Ferrari uses – I just want to rip that sexy car around a race course!

Make a real effort to understand what your customer’s hopes and dreams are and then tailor your marketing efforts around that.

Ultimately, brilliant copy is written by people who understand what’s troubling the customer and what’s going to motivate them. If you know your niche well enough you should be pretty familiar with all this without even thinking about it.

Give Them A Reason To Act NOW

In internet marketing, you’ll see lots of countdown timers and other scarcity tactics so that people take action sooner rather than later and this is really important as humans by nature are ridiculously lazy.

I’ve needed a piece of software for my PC for several weeks now and it only costs around $12. Have I bought it? Absolutely not.

Probably would have done if they’d had a 24 hour fire sale or something!

You don’t have to hammer the scarcity aspect too hard as that’s likely to annoy people. Just make sure they have some kind of incentive to buy TODAY.

Profit with David is a course all about product creation and there’s even a dedicated module to creating killer copy even if you suck at writing.

It’s a must for serious internet marketers and today you can grab it for a ridiculously affordable price.

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And you’ll be writing kick-ass sales letters before you know it!